Environmentally Friendly

"Go Green." This is a catch phrase that has been popularized over the last decade. While an automotive repair shop may be one of the last places that may come to one's mind, in terms of a "green" business, to the friendly staff at Fields Volkswagen of Daytona Beach and the Fields Auto Group it's our responsibility.

While many have jumped on the eco-friendly bandwagon, "Going Green" is a concept that we have employed for years. We consistently do our part to improve in an environmentally friendly way whenever and wherever we can. There are several practices that Fields performs on a regular basis that help reduce the impact on the environment. A few examples include:

  • Prevention of shop fluids, such as waste oil and transmission fluid, from entering the sanitary sewer or storm drains and utilizing dry cleaning methods to dispose of them.
  • Coating the shop floor with an impermeable, 2-part epoxy material.
  • Using bulk oil, which eliminates using plastic quart-bottle containers and the reside they leave behind.
  • Designating a specific area for used battery storage, prior to being sent to a battery reclaim center.
  • Maintaining a "first-in-first-out" policy for items that may deteriorate in storage.
  • Recycling old tires, waste oil, anti-freeze, cardboard and scrap metal.

At Fields Volkswagen of Daytona we're doing our part to help keep the environment cleaner. We also offer several measures to help you do your part through proper maintenance of your vehicle. Not only will you help reduce your carbon imprint on the planet through a decrease in emissions, but you will also save money in wear and tear on your vehicle. Some of other measures we've taken to help you include:

  • Replacing old-style conventional engine oil with synthetic oil, which offers greater fuel economy.
  • Changing the engine air filter and fuel filter as recommended to maintain performance.
  • Installing new spark plugs to maintain enhanced fuel economy.
  • Sustaining proper tire inflation and receiving annual alignments will reduce rolling resistance.
  • Observe and have repaired items that cause your engine warning lights to come on. Ignoring these indicators may result in poor fuel economy, as well as increased wear and tear to your vehicle. Fewer parts to replace means reduction in your impact on the environment.

As you can see, there are many ways that we can work together to help sustain a greener planet. Come by today for your FREE Green Check Up. This includes checking your oil, engine, air filter, scanning for stored codes, checking or engine and emissions warning lights, tire wear and inflation and the quality and condition of your brakes and rotors.


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