AWD vs 4WD Explained at Fields Volkswagen near Port Orange, FL

Here at Fields Volkswagen, our team offers a number of exciting and dynamic new and used VW models that Central Florida drivers will love! Whether you're looking for a gently used or new VW model such as the sporty and fun 2016 VW Golf or the capable and sturdy 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan, we've got a number of great options for you! If you're looking for a new model that is performance-oriented or something that can handle driving the sandy beaches and soggy Florida terrain, our team can get you set up with a vehicle that offers the Volkswagen brand's intuitive and fun 4Motion All-Wheel drive system.


All-wheel drive drivetrains consist of front, rear, and center differentials that provide power to all four wheels and are typically found on cars and crossovers that feature a low-slung ride. Four-wheel drive drivetrains employ two differentials and a transfer case that provide the power to all four wheels. 4WD is typically found on trucks and truck-based SUVs. Typically, all-wheel drive systems come in two styles: part-time/automatic, which means in normal driving conditions, the vehicle will operate in front-wheel drive mode with power being delivered to all four wheels only when loss of traction or slippage occurs, and full-time all-wheel drive, which delivers power to all four wheels all the time. Four-wheel drive systems also come in part-time and full-time versions that are typically used in trucks and SUVs. Historically, these systems have been designed for off-road use. The part-time system means that it will drive in two-wheel drive mode until the driver or on-board computer decides to flip the system to four-wheel drive and full-time 4WD indicates that power is sent to all four wheels all of the time.


While AWD and 4WD systems have historically indicated different types of vehicles and different uses that line is now starting to blur. It's not atypical these days to see a high-riding truck-based SUV with all-wheel drive. Even so, all-wheel drive is most beneficial to those vehicles and drivers who are looking to improve their performance on slick or uneven paved surfaces. The AWD system helps provide better acceleration and traction in the elements. 4WD systems are typically found on vehicles with a raised ground clearance, shielded underbodies, and big knobby tires. The extra clearance and capable tires combine with the low range gearing to allow for off-road activities. The ability to choose between low and high range gearing allows SUVs and trucks equipped with 4WD to descend steep slopes and handle soft, sandy, wet, and muddy surfaces with ease. The VW brand's 4Motion All-wheel drive system is available on several new Volkswagen models and will help drivers tackle Florida driving.


The 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan and several other new Volkswagen models are engaging and dynamic vehicles that provide drivers with the ability and capability that will keep their vehicle on the go and on the road. Here at your VW dealers serving Port Orange, FL, Fields Volkwagen, our team is excited about the all-wheel technology and can't wait to show it off to local drivers. For more information, head on down to your Daytona Beach, FL VW dealership to speak to a member of our team today!

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